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Dhadkan - The Heart Team

Warm greetings from Dhadkan - The Heart Team

Dhadkan is a heart doctor team, which specialises in prevention, treatment (angiography,angioplasty, pacemaker, heart valve surgery, bypass surgery) and rehabilitation of heart patients at an affordable price. Dhadkan heart doctors have a team of senior and experienced Cardiologist, Cardiac Surgeon, Diabetologist, Dietitian, Physiotherapist, Yoga therapist and Counsellor. The team specialises in early detection and prevention of heart diseases.

Dhadkan was founded by Dr Ruchit Shah. Dhadkan is a heart team committed to provide best in class heart treatment to all heart patients through use of latest technology, recent advances in medical sciences and team of highly qualified doctors through state of the art facility.

We have all heard about the proverb – Time is Money. But for heart patients the saying is “Heart is muscle” It means, the earlier we treat heart patients, more amount of heart muscle can be saved. And that’s what we do at Dhadkan. Our dedicated, highly skilled professionals are committed to fight your heart problems early, best and fast.

We have enriched the lives of more than 200000 patient families. We have done more than 150000 ECG, 40000 echocardiography, 10000 angiography/ angioplasty, 500 pacemakers and 5000 cardiac surgeries. Dhadkan is a unique heart team where we provide all that a heart patient needs under one roof.

Come lets care for your family’s heart health.

How We Work



We are committed to deliver the best heart care. We constantly update ourselves with the latest medical inventions and technology in heart care



We strive for perfection and precision in delivering the best heart care to you. Taking care of your heart is our duty and responsibility.



We treat your gentle heart with utmost respect. You can trust your heart to us.



We are committed to excellence in heart care at reasonable prices.

Dhadkan Heart Team


Do you need a Heart Check? Click the image to know your HEART status.

Phone :

+91 7506599552

Location :

Saifee hospital, 1st floor, Dept of Cardiology, 15/17, Maharshi Karve Marg, Charni Road station, Mumbai - 400004

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