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Heart Surgery

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Cardiovascular surgery is performed by a cardiovascular thoracic surgeon. Heart surgery is performed for coronary artery disease, congenital heart disease and valvular heart diseases. There are various types of heart surgeries. Coronary artery bypass graft surgery is performed for coronary artery disease. Arteries from the chest, forearm or veins from the leg may be taken for the bypass graft.


Open heart surgery involves a 5-8 inches incision on the midline of the chest. The surgeon may use a cardiopulmonary bypass or opt for doing a beating heart surgery. As an alternative to open heart surgery, surgeons also perform minimally invasive surgery which involves a much smaller incision for the surgery. Robotic assisted cardiac surgery makes use of a surgeon operated machine to achieve finer precision. Heart transplant is an option in patients with severe dysfunction of the heart.

Highly skilled doctors of Dhadkan heart team have performed more than 5000 complex heart surgeries and saved many lives.

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