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Dhadkan is a heart doctor team with finely crafted programs tailored to win your hearts.

These programs consist of prevention, investigations, treatments (angiography, angioplasty, pacemaker, heart valve surgery, bypass surgery), exercise, rehabilitation and diet regimens aimed to give you the finest heart health.

Do you know?

  • Indians get heart diseases 10-15 years earlier than the other people of the world.

  • Lakhs of people die of heart disease even before seeing a doctor.

  • India is the Diabetic and Heart disease capital of the world.

  • Fatty substance called plaque starts getting deposited in the arteries of our hearts as early as teenage years.

These facts trouble us! Hence we decided to come up with the concept of a heart team.


Why us?

Our heart doctor team has been trained all over the world. We constantly update ourselves in the latest developments, new researches, finer techniques and better technology. Our heart doctors treat as per international standards. We are experts in heart care.

We have done angioplasty and heart surgery of some of the most complicated cases. Our heart doctors have saved patients who were almost dead.
But dear friends, it’s not wise to wait till things go out of control and we need to fight on war footing.

We understand that your heart is the most precious part of your body. Your heart deserves nothing less than the finest care. We are striving day and night to constantly improve our protocols and systems so your delicate heart can get the required level of care.

We are prepared to go the extra mile to ensure that you get the care for which you have trusted us.

We are your friends in this journey of life to reduce the impact of heart disease on you and your family. Hamaare dil se, aapke dil ke saath.



Provide world class heart care with state of the art technology



Heart care with a human touch


Value statement

Make heart treatment available, accessible and affordable to all

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