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Heart Attack

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India has the highest incidence of heart attacks in the world. As per the CREATE registry, the mean age of patients who had a heart attack was 58 years in India, compared to 70 years in the developed nations. Only 8% of these patients received Emergency angioplasty which is the gold standard treatment and 59% received thrombolysis. Heart attack in young individuals is increasing by leaps and bounds. One third of patients with heart attack are below 35 years. We have treated a 17 year old boy with heart attack. 

Dhadkan heart team has done more than 500 emergency angioplasties as a lifesaving procedure in heart attack victims.

Our team is experienced to handle all kinds of complicated heart attack patients. As a team, it gives us maximum job satisfaction, when we save a life. If the patient reaches the hospital early and the emergency angioplasty is carried out in less than 360 minutes from onset of chest pain, the patients can get maximum benefit. Hence the first 6 hours is called the golden period.

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