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Diet for Heart


Do you know atherosclerosis starts as early as childhood? It means, a fatty substance called plaque starts getting deposited in the arteries of your heart as early as childhood. This fatty plaque could be a precursor of early onset heart disease. Indian diet is high in fats and low in fibre. Our diet could be an important reason why Indians develop heart disease 10 years earlier than the rest of the world.  

Eating heart healthy foods is an art and a science. It is correctly said that your heart watches everything that you eat. A proper diet which includes fruits, vegetables, salads, sprouts, grains and pulses is the right balance for a perfect heart health. A low salt, low sugar and low fat diet goes a long way in preventing high BP, diabetes, cholesterol and heart disease. Patients with established heart disease who have undergone an angioplasty or bypass surgery can bounce back to normal with our diet coaching sessions. Dhadkan heart team’s diet coaching sessions are carefully designed by a cardiac dietitian keeping in mind the sensitive needs of your precious heart.

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