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As per global data ischemic heart disease affects more than 126 million people worldwide. According to World Heart Federation, the global cost of cardiovascular disease was USD 863 billion in 2010 and is estimated to go up to USD 1 trillion by 2030. India is soon set to break all records in heart diseases.'

Angina means unpleasant chest discomfort. The patient may have chest heaviness, discomfort, jaw pain, upper abdominal burning, back pain, left or right hand/ shoulder pain. Some patients may also complaint of fatigue, breathlessness, palpitations, giddiness or a sense of uncomfortable feeling. Angina occurs due to reduced blood supply to parts of the heart. It may be stable or unstable angina. If you have any of the above symptoms, please visit a doctor at the earliest and take an electrocardiogram (ECG).

Dhadkan heart team has treated more than 20000 patients of angina. Dhadkan has multiple treatment options for angina patients with lifestyle modifications (diet, yoga, cardiac rehabilitation, smoking cessation), medical management, angioplasty (using cutting edge technology of intravascular ultrasound, optical coherence tomography, fractional flow reserve, rotablation) and bypass surgery (beating heart, minimally invasive cardiac surgery).

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