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Cardiac consultation is the most important part of treating your heart disease. During the cardiac consultation, doctors of Dhadkan heart team check you up clinically, review your old records and make a diagnosis. Once the diagnosis is made this is confirmed with a few tests. The entire heart team reviews the best treatment strategy.

At every step of diagnosis and treatment we take utmost care, so that your gentle heart receives the necessary attention. We closely follow international treatment decision guidelines for delivering the finest care to our patients. In our heart team discussion, we involve the patient and his family at every step of critical decision making. We explain the pros and cons of the treatment and encourage the patient to live a near normal life.  This reassurance empowers the patient and family to take the best decision for their heart problem.

Dhadkan heart team is your friend guiding you and hand holding you at every step in your journey as a heart patient. We run patient training programs, seminars, webinars, patient support groups, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) programs and camps for the wellbeing of our patients. By these efforts, we strive to have a long and healthy life for all our heart patients.

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