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Benefits of our Heart Team

  1. All cardiac specialities under one roof

  2. Holistic heart care - The right blend of heart treatment which combines modern medicine, yoga, diet and counselling

  3. Integrated care with professionals trained all across the world


We Speak

Have you been recently detected with a heart problem? Have you been advised bypass surgery or angioplasty?


Q to ponder – Will I benefit from it? Is it actually needed, just because my doctor has recommended it? Can I avoid it and yet lead a normal life?

Story – A 75 year old lady came to us from Tanzania. She was having chest discomfort. She had blocks in all three major arteries of the heart. She was advised an open heart bypass surgery.


She consulted Dhadkan. She also had a knee problem, lung infection and a borderline kidney failure. Of course she was at high risk for open heart surgery.


We decided to go ahead for Fractional flow reserve (FFR). FFR measures the pressures in the artery of the heart across the block. It tells us whether this patient’s heart is receiving adequate blood supply and whether the patient will benefit from bypass surgery, angioplasty or medicines. The FFR was negative in all three arteries. She did not require open heart surgery or bypass surgery. She was treated with diet, yoga, physiotherapy, lifestyle modifications and medicines only. She did not require open heart surgery or angioplasty.


She thanked god that she came to India and got the FFR test done which is a gold standard.

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