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Do you know?
  • Indians get heart diseases 10-15 years earlier than the other people of the world?

  • Lakhs of people die of heart disease even before seeing a doctor? 

  • India is the Diabetic and Heart disease capital of the world.

  • Fatty substance called plaque starts getting deposited in the arteries of our hearts as early as teenage years.

These facts trouble us! Hence we decided to come up with the concept of a heart team.

Why us?

Dhadkan is a heart doctor team based in Mumbai. Dhadkan provides evidence based heart care to all individuals and patients. We constantly stay in touch with the latest world trends for giving the best care to you. We provide prevention, treatment and rehabilitation services for heart patients. We are experts in heart disease.

Our speciality team has been trained all over the world. We are experts in heart care. We constantly update ourselves in the latest developments, new researches, finer techniques and better technology. We strive for perfection in heart care. We understand that your heart is the most precious part of your body.  Your heart deserves nothing less than the finest care. And we are striving day and night to constantly improve our protocols and systems so your delicate heart can get the required level of care.


We have all heard about the proverb – Time is Money. But for heart patients the saying is “Heart is muscle” It means, the earlier we treat heart patients, more amount of heart muscle can be saved. And that’s what we do at Dhadkan. Our dedicated, highly skilled professionals are committed to fight your heart problems early, best and fast.

Our superior expertise and simplicity of explaining the treatment options makes patients and their families extremely comfortable.

We have enriched the lives of more than 200000 patient families. We have done more than 150000 ECG, 40000 echocardiography, 10000 angiography/ angioplasty, 500 pacemakers and 5000 cardiac surgeries. Dhadkan is a unique heart team where we provide all that a heart patient needs under one roof.

Come lets care for your family’s heart health.

We have solved some of the most complicated cases and saved patients who were very critical. We have done the most complex angioplasties and surgeries. Certainly our team is very well trained to take up the most complicated cases.


But dear friends, it’s not wise to wait till things go out of control and we need to fight on war footing. Hence, we bring to you a heart care system which aims at prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of heart diseases.

And yes we are prepared to go the extra mile to ensure that you get the care for which you have trusted us.

We follow evidence based medicine guidelines as per international standards to provide the care you deserve.  We are your friends in this time of crisis to reduce the impact of heart disease on you and your family. Yes, now we are a family together; a family of doctor-patients to fight heart diseases.

Have you heard of health insurance?


Insurance gives you money for treatment of your lost health. In other words, insurance company will only pay you a fixed sum for treatment of your ill health. Even if the insurance company supports you financially for your treatment, certain questions remain unanswered.

  • Will the amount paid by the insurance company be enough to restore your ill health?

  • Will you ever regain your health once it is lost?

  • Once you have a heart problem, would you ever be able to function the same way as you used to earlier?


Certain things are inevitable, but thing that are preventable should be prevented.

So, we secure your heart. We help you in preventing heart disease, because “Prevention is better than cure.” If you have developed a heart disease, we help you in reducing your further problems and lead a near normal life. The ideal circumstance would be that your heart does not require the insurance. Yes, that’s possible if you take care of your heart the right way. And we partner with you in this long journey called LIFE – Hamaare dil se, aapke dil ke saath.



Achieve equitable distribution of heart care from grassroots to the top



Provide evidence based heart care as per standard protocols.

Internal Quality Statement
-Provide the finest level of healthcare 
-Provide heart care at the most reasonable prices
-Research, analysis and innovation


  1. Human suffering from disease.

  2. Lack of availability of health care personnel and equipment in rural and semi urban areas.


  1. Service, Duty, Sacrifice for humanity.

  2. Holistic health care – Integrating modern medicine with diet, exercise, yoga.

  3. Keeping in mind the social, economic and psychological state of the patient and his family.

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