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Do's & Don'ts in Managing Angina?


  • Continue your follow up with your cardiologist / doctor & get a full checkup as per the doctor's consultation. Do not miss the scheduled appointments. Even if you are doing fine, you should see your cardiologist every 6 months or more frequently as necessary

  • Do regular exercise & walk at least 30 minutes/day. If your doctor has given you some restrictions about exercising, follow it. Avoid strenuous physical activity which aggravates your symptoms. During exercise, if you have chest pain, breathlessness, palpitations, giddiness or worsening symptoms, stop immediately.

  • If you are diabetic, check your sugar & also keep monitoring your BP. Home monitoring of sugar and BP is important in maintaining your heart health.

  • Quit chewing or smoking tobacco & consuming alcohol. Quitting tobacco or stop smoking is the most important thing you can do for your heart.

  • Be aware about how & when to get emergency medical care.


  • Don't forget or skip your regular prescribed medicines. Do not take extra dose of medicines than prescribed.

  • Don't delay to see a cardiologist if symptoms worsen

  • Don't ignore the chest pain or any discomfort which seems like symptom of coronary artery disease

  • Don't be stressed

  • Don’t take SORBITRATE without checking BP. SORBITRATE is an emergency medicine. It should be used only on prescription of a doctor. If the pain does not subside in 5 minutes, rush to the nearest hospital immediately.

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